Where everything has a point

By January 12, 2016 Spiked Articles No Comments
Spiked Media Bristol Graphic Design and Website Designer

Spiked Media was created in January 2010. Coming up with a name and identity for oneself is always tricky for a graphic designer, but I wanted one that represented a design principle that I strongly believe in. For me, the most important principle in design is that everything needs to have a point.

This principle is also applied to the work I do for my clients, in that everything I design for them also has to have a point or a reason. If it’s not important or serve a particular function, then it has no reason for being on the page. The colour, the font, the shape, the size, the format and the message – are all points to be considered and justified.

But what’s also great about this principle is that not everything has to have a spikey point. Sometimes it’s more appropriate to give media a more rounded spike and a softer touch. Ultimately, whether the logo, newsletter, brochure, advert or website is sharp or soft – it should still have a point to it.

… And to make a point – you need Spiked Media.