Spiked Media offers the full range of graphic design and web design services in Wiltshire – from initial concepts right through to the end product. So if you’re starting a new business or looking to re-brand your identity, or just need some design consultation, Spiked Media can help you with every aspect. If you would like to discuss any of the services listed here, or have a brief you would like us to take a look at, please get in touch.

  • Logo Design

  • Corporate Identity

  • Branding

  • Design Consultation

  • Social Media

  • Website Design

  • Website Hosting

  • Website Content Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Direct Mail and Leaflets

  • Brochures & Magazines

  • Adverts, Posters & Billboards

  • Exhibition Graphics

  • Photography

  • Print Management



A logo is the key visual component to a company’s overall brand identity. It will appear on business cards, company stationery, websites and adverts. And make no mistake, a poorly designed logo will have a very negative effect and turn your potential customers off. Whereas a well-designed logo can be a strong asset, set you apart from the competition and contribute to the success of your business.



Corporate identity is the physical look of your brand. It’s consistency needs to be maintained throughout all your printed and online communications. Doing this is vital if you want to show your business in a professional light. This means sticking to a particular colour pallet and fonts, and using the same tone of voice in everything you produce. Investing in your corporate identity will improve customer awareness and can increase a company’s competitive edge. Spiked Media can help you with your corporate identity or give you one that works.



The truth about web design is it can make or break your business – especially if it relies on it. Studies show that 75 percent of people judge the credibility of a business based on the design of its website. Your website serves as a digital business card or shop window and you need to make sure it reflects your business and your offline marketing efforts. It’s important that your web design communicates what your company is about and makes a good first impression and leaves a lasting one. That’s why a website needs to be designed and not just have the parts assembled by a developer. If your website isn’t currently up to scratch Spiked Media can give it a complete design overhaul and give you the control to edit and update it through a custom Content Management System (CMS).



With all the focus being on social media, email marketing can be overlooked. But email is one of the most powerful and personal ways to connect with your customers – if you’re not using it you really really should be. Spiked Media can design and build you a bespoke e-shot or a whole targeted email campaign. Remember, it can also be one of the cheapest ways of getting your message to a specific audience or showing off your product to your customers.



Sometimes I am asked to advise individuals or companies on what direction to take with regards to a particular project or website build. Sometimes a design team doesn’t need replacing – it just needs a bit of help. If you have your doubts and feel that something is not quite working with your current designer or agency, feel free to give me a call. I can help critique a marketing campaign, a brand or a website from a design perspective, and offer impartial professional advice.



With more than 25 years in the industry behind me, there is not a lot I don’t know about digital or litho print. I also have lots of connections to various printers throughout the southwest who I can trust to do a great job for me and my clients. For a small fee I offer a print management service to my clients that includes obtaining estimates, proof checking and delivery. I also receive preferential rates from printers that usually ensures I get a better deal with them than you would get by going direct. So, it makes sense that if I’m designing and creating the artwork for you then you may as well let me handle the printing side of things too. After all, it takes a lot of the hassle away from you and in most cases, saves you money too!