Keeping up with the Macintosh’s

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Macs for Graphic Designers

An article caught my eye the other day because it was describing the evolution of Apple Macs, from their first consumer friendly edition of the ‘Macintosh Plus’ in 1986 right through to todays latest slimline iMacs and Macbook Pro’s. As a big fan of Apple products I’ve been fortunate to use or own many over the past twenty odd years in both a professional and personal capacity. Looking at the pictures of these ever changing devices made me realise that I too have changed and evolved into something far better – and I don’t just mean aesthetically!

Apple have no doubt created many iconic looking computers – who can forget the kaleidoscope of colours of the first iMacs? But it’s their operating systems, speed, reliability, capability and integration into the workplace which has been the real success. I remember using the rather slow and crude Macintosh SE when I was at university in 1987 – I think we had two for the whole class at the time as they were rather expensive! It had an early edition of Freehand installed and I created a toothpaste package design with it – something rather basic back then looked amazing… even on a small screen! The funny thing was, that little project helped land me my first job in the design world. I joined a company that had just invested in the new dawn of desktop publishing, and I knew just as much as the experienced designers did when it came to working on their new ‘LC’ and ‘Quadra’ Macs. My career took off just as the Macintosh did – and I’ve been keeping pace with it ever since.

Unlike the new kids on the block, I really was there at the beginning. I WAS the ‘Macintosh Classic’ that morphed into the ‘Powermac G3’ then blossomed into the ‘Cube’ before evolving into the wonderful Macs you see before you today. I’ve had to change and evolve myself. I’ve had to develop new skills and work at a faster pace to meet the demands of the workplace and the design profession. I’ve gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge as a result, and the changes in products have had a huge positive effect on my professional capacity – something I am now passing on to my clients.

So as I take delivery of my latest shiny new iMac i7, it feels a bit like I’m looking in the mirror at myself, and wondering where will this new model will take me next? It really has been a parallel journey of development between myself and the Macintosh’s – and long may it continue.